Thursday, August 1, 2013


Monica is my friend, whom I have known for about a year, is about 30 years older than me, and is the most carefree woman you will ever meet.  She paints her nails in all sorts of colors which make them look like miniature Van Gogh paintings, she wears a brightly colored hat usually every day, she leaves singing voicemails and she is nothing but great. 

She had been single for quite some time, say around 10 years, but had just recently met a man as wonderful as she is earlier this year. 

As I was laying in bed with a book, a text arrived from her asking me to guess what she was doing for the past 30 mins.  After a few silly guesses I figured her little secret out... She had been kissing her boy on the couch.

Her exact words: ' I feel like i want to drink him.up.....forever. And therez no goal to get to. Just swimming in the kiss.'

Here is this woman, kooky as ever but love every moment of her, at 50*something years old, she says she has never felt a kiss the way she had experienced tonight.  She says she is still learning about relationships, which is so humbling: 'Really what pleasure combined with caring and. True closeness is.'

How lucky we are at whatever age we are right now to receive this advice: 'Well in My last relationship I used to always think I had this place to get to......ya know the orgasm when we would kiss.'  She was being polite, its not just kissing. 

And here I am at 29 thinking where the hell am I going, have never been in love, never had a +1, but sometimes a f*ck 1... when all I needed was this reminder.  So be it all, anything you are waiting on.  Who cares if there is a goal or not, or a place you need to be.  Let it go and swim.  I might need arm floaties.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

It's a Royal Baby

A fantastic tribute to the Royal Family from Flula, the finest YouTube sensation.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

I am a God.

Just listened to Kanye West's new album.  Sweet Yeezus, the sound of my sh*t falling into the toilet is more melodic.